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Update 30/8/2017

Back from the Asylum Steampunk Fesitval! Welcome to any and all new readers! While you’re here, please go check out the Crankrats Facebook page and give it a LIKE!

Crankrats is the story of Madelene Morely, a young woman who fled from her war-torn city as a young girl, leaving her life (and more) behind her. Returning to the city to sing for a living, she’s dropped into a dystopian nightmare with danger around every turn, from the bomb-laden airships in the sky, to the toxic smog that floods the city floor and the rumors that an old threat, the Crankrats, aren’t as dead as they seem. To make matters worse, her new colleagues are nuts, the barman is a jerk and she’s being constantly judged by a moody mechanical cat. What could go wrong?

Welcome to the Crankrats webcomic! It was started early May 2011 and was chugging along quite nicely as a way to learn how to draw a comic, but with the support of its readers it has blossomed into a much larger project that its writer is currently sacrificing all her spare time for!

I have a strong love for all things steampunk, and while this comic is not traditional Steampunk in the way people have come to know and love, it’s taken on a life of its own and I hope you enjoy reading it! I’ll write more here later, I promise – but for now, busy sketching!

– Kat





Madelene – 27

A young Bantarian noble woman who fled her home city leaving her life behind her. Armed with her strong will and prosthetic metal glove, she’s returning to her childhood home in order to seek a living, unaware of the chaos waiting for her.




Jack – 25

An Altavian orphan who has a past shrouded in mystery. Being able to bend electricity to his will, smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish are but a few of his self proclaimed ‘talents’. He is perceived by some as a nuisance, and others as a pest to be exterminated.




Harley – 29

A Bantarian citizen with a dodgy past. He currently owns and runs a bar in the lower dregs of the city, but has a lot more on his mind than restocking wine and small talking nobles. He seems to have a explosive friendship with Jack, and seems to know more about him than anyone else. Then again, he seems to know a lot about everybody.




Lettie – 23

Hurricane Lettie strikes when you least expect it! Pushy, loud and ever the accident prone, Lettie is a good hearted and caring Bantarian woman who has a fiery personality and temper to match.




Hazer Girl – ?

A mysterious Hazer woman who lurks in the smog, and may be the centre of a case of mistaken identity!

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