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London MCM, Book 2 And All The Things

London MCM, Book 2 And All The Things published on

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all well. I know it’s been a little while since you heard from me, and sorry for the radio silence and wobbly updates, I am a new aunt, it takes some getting used to! That said!

I’m attending the Asylum Steampunk Fair in Lincoln over the 24th-27th August, and again Thoughtbubble in Leeds the following month! Exciting times!

(And currently as we speak I am sat here sweating bullets waiting for the MCM October Comic Village tables to go out)

Don’t expect much in the way of updates over those two days, (Although my followers on Patreon will not be left high and dry, I am scheduling updates as we speak!)

But I hope that you like how the comic is going so far. It’s a lot of fun now that the people other side of this war are getting some page-time.

Also – I am close to 500 likes on the CR facebook page. Just a simple click over and LIKE would be doing me a massive favor, so please consider it!

My Facebook!

Also also:

All of the Books for CR and NIX are still available on ETSY!

If you’re interesting in attaining any of these, please click through on the SHOP page!

And don’t worry, I ship all over the world!

More news ASAP!

Heads Up And MCM Expo

Heads Up And MCM Expo published on

Hi guys, sorry I’ve not been around.

Nothing else to it aside from a pile up of bad work, real life and having a massive, massive burn-out due to the first reason (which I am in the process of trying to shake off – promise. Not giving up, don’t worry!).

I will be trying to get book 2 ready over the next few weeks, so updates will be sporadic but not too far apart. At least I left you with something to chew on!

I have October MCM in london to get ready for, so yes, I have a lot on my plate, though I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully I will be seeing  some of you there?

So yes, all in all, sorry for my absence. Thank you for your patience. It means a lot!

Crankrats Wiki

Crankrats Wiki published on

It’s well underway!

For anyone who gets confused or lost reading the comic, the Crankrats Wiki should be here to help!

It’s early days yet, but with the help of Crankrats’ readers and myself (when I get a chance) this should hopefully become a point of reference for anybody interested in the story.

I’ll be adding what I can, when I can, and as the story develops the articles will hopefully change and grow too. There will be some additions from myself that may or may not be in the comic, so it should prove interesting for anyone who wants to read a little more into the lore of the world that Crankrats takes place in. If there is anything that you would like to see expanded upon one this is up and running, please let me know!

This is the main page for the Wiki – currently very little on there, but that’s where Crankrats’ readers come in.

Jack’s basic wiki has now been added!

That’s all for now, massive hugs and love for anyone who wants to help with this project.

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