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This comic is now on Patreon!

This comic originally started as a learning project and it has since taken over my life in the best way possible. Due to the closure of the company I working for, I’m taking a scary leap from a steady day job into the unknown world of full-time art. In order to continue Crankrats and other projects I need your help and support. Living expenses and a ravenous springer spaniel are nipping at my heels and if I can cover those basics and keep kibble in the pup’s bowl then I will have more time to dedicate to writing, drawing, and uploading more exciting Crankrats adventures. By contributing to this project you will be helping me release pages quicker than ever before, (Which is dandy as this is one long story!) and I will be able to give you dedicated update days. (It currently updates 1-2 a week) You will also receive Patreon-only rewards and once we reach the first milestone it will give me time to unlock more goodies for you.

Special thanks to the following contributers!

Ricky Cleaver, Kita, Kat!

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